Monday, December 5, 2011

Pinky Pig

On Saturday, I went over to my friend Sara's house after work and some much needed thrift store shopping.  I brought over stuff to make cake pops along with things that were pink for her daughter (because that is her favorite color).  I decided that we could make some pig cake pops and did the best I could to make these suckers look like pigs.  I did a post about cake pops here if you'd like to look at the recipe and how to make them. They are really delish, if you've never tried them.
I ended up decorating most of the cake pops, which wasn't the plan. As you can see, there were not too many pigs because once you start making a bunch of pigs you start feeling like one. Sophia did like decorating the bowl with icing though, so she did help in that aspect ;)
We then read princess stories and watched Rudolph :) This little girl thinks I'm Ariel, so I can't say no to her haha.  It was an awesome and relaxing night, which is just what I needed.

So, on another boss sent me a Santa video the other day and I cannot handle it.  You input information into a database and send your friends videos from Santa. It's awesome. The website is called Portable North PoleI really think you should check it out. I've been slowly sending the videos to my friends <3   PS: You can choose if your friends have been naughty or nice.  Which have you been ;)


  1. So cute!! I'm making cake pops for a wedding shower next month. Xx

  2. Hahah omg that is amazing! I'm totally sending my friends a message from Santa!

  3. I would love those pig cake pops!

  4. this sounds like the most perfect night! cute little treats, princesses, and christmas movies! adore!!
    xo TJ

  5. Oh cuteness ... love how your piggy pops turned out!

  6. I loved you piglet pops! They were so cute... although I was LOL'ing at your comment that if you make too many you start to feel like one! :)

    Glad you had a great weekend! XOXO
    PS: be sure to come sign up for the swap little lady! :)

  7. i've been thinking about making cake pops for some time now. they're still new to me, but these look too adorable not to try!

  8. yummmmmmmmmmmmmm
    why do i have to be on a diet haha
    every one is blogging about sweet
    stuff and i am dying here :P