Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bite size lovin'

This past weekend I made cake pops. Holy yum. I've tried them at a few different places and when I found out I could make them myself I was all over it.  I never knew what made these little gems so great, but I'll give you a hint: FROSTING (ok, I can 't keep a secret).

Surprisingly, these little balls of fun are SUPER easy to make.

Ingredients needed: 
Cake mix (and the things that go along with making a cake)
Decorations, if you like

Sticks for the 'pops'
Something to stick the 'pops' in so they stand up-right (if you'd like)

So how do you do it you ask? Well, your wish is my command:

Now listen closely...

1. Bake cake and let cool
2. Break cake up into crumbles with your hands (WOOOO HOO)
3. Add half a can of frosting to the crumbles and mix
4. Take mixture and roll into balls
5. Put mixture in the freezer for 30 minutes
6. Take the cake balls out of the freezer and insert sticks
7. Frost and decorate

Yup, that is it. For you visual people:

Pick decorations

 Take the cake and insert it onto the stick

 Frost and decorate

Everyone I gave these to really loved them.  They are so moist (for good reason) and are not only the right portion if you eat 3 of them, but they are super fun.  Have you ever tried them before?  If not I suggest trying them out! I'm sure you will love them :) 

Happy Hump Day :-D


  1. yummmmmmm!
    i been wanting to make some
    to prove my sister that
    they can also be moist

    she tried some dry ones and
    now she is totally against them

    ill try out your recipe!


  2. These look absolutely yum! But I've never tried them before - some day! :)

  3. Cake balls are so delicious!! Yum! You did awesome!

    P.s. Be sure to enter the giveaway I'm hosting on my blog! :)

  4. They look so good!

  5. Yours turned out so cute! I would love to make some cake balls..for some reason I thought they would be alot more difficult but you made it look super easy!

    Such a cute blog you have here!

  6. not a cake person but they're really REALLY cute and fun to look at!

    nice job!!!

  7. gonna HAVE to be givin those a try!

  8. How CUTE! I've never made these but now I want to :)

  9. Yum and they look so cute and fun! :)

  10. these are making me so hungry and it's not even lunch time!

  11. seriously. nothing beats cake balls.

  12. These look delicious. A few of my friends make these for parties and get togethers but I have never personally tried them! I will have to sometime!

    xoxo Denise

  13. I want to make carrot cake with creme cheese frosting =)

  14. ok... i am going to go whip some up right now!
    hey, i am maggie and new to your blog - LOVE IT!
    have a super day friend!!!! can't wait to get caught up!

  15. I am so afraid of making cake pops. I feel like mine would look hideous!

  16. Yum - that looks so delicious!

  17. Oh I've always wanted to make them but I thought you needed a certain kind of pan...but I love your idea making. I'll have to try this out!

    xo erica

  18. I made them once but it was so time intensive, I dont think I will ever do it again. Yours are really cute though!