Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mark and Rebecca's Wedding

Hurricane Irene slid up the East Coast yesterday.  Although the town I live in may be in shambles; a wedding of two friends could not be stopped. I honestly thought it was pretty cool to have your wedding during a hurricane.  This could be because I was not the bride, but how many people can say that has happened to them and they took it in stride? I mean, there is really nothing you can do, so mine-as-well go with the punches. I just think about telling my grandchildren "Your grandfather and I loved each other so much that we did not even let a hurricane stop us from getting married".  I mean, I'm sure I'd also add extra dramatic features to the story like most elderly people do, but you catch my drift.

The wedding, in my opinion, was absolutely beautiful.  The hurricane gave an extra reason to celebrate. A wedding and a hurricane...count me in (since i'm nuts)!

The reception

We claimed this as our "spot" as soon as we entered. Open bar from 5-10= intoxicated friends :)

My date :)
Strawberry soup, hm...

My dance partner who literally picked me up NUMEROUS times on the dance floor. 
I'm glad to say that I made it out alive and barely scarred....

One drink, two drinks, three floor ;)

We had a great night! We danced almost as much as we drank ;) We ended up getting home around 10:30 and went out to after parties went RIGHT to sleep.  Haha guess we're older than we look ;) 

Hope everyone was safe during the bad weather. It is crazy how in the last week I endured a flash flood, earthquake and hurricane.  What's next? How did you spend your time with Irene?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Boston Bound

Packed car, new mixed CD, filled gas tank, Dunkin Donuts Coffee= road trip ready.

We hit a TON of traffic, but we sang and danced to get through the trip. 

Good spirits even after HOURS in traffic :)

Our protection from the sun 8-)

Our weekend in a nutshell:

Spun beats at the Apple Store

Watched street performers

Walked around Quincy Market and posed with the statues

Posed for pictures

Went out on the town

And obviously, we made lots of friends <3

I think I'll go to Boston

My friend Crystal and I were Boston bound on Friday.  We went up to visit one of my bestest friends Katie, who came down from Maine, and two other friends Mal and Alyssa. It was Alyssa's birthday, so to celebrate the Boston Trip I decided to make some homemade Boston Creme Mini Pies (cupcake edition).  Pretty exciting, I know.  Also super easy and super yummy, which is what I aim for.

I started with my recipe from my new cookbook based on cupcakes: 

Key ingredients to the minis

Melting the chocolate for the tops

Finished product!

The final product after they cooled for the appropriate amount of time The final product two seconds after they were made. I had to indulge, since I'm too impulsive and excitable :-D

Packed and ready to ship off to Bean town :)

I'd like to say that I gracefully indulged in these beauts, but I was somewhat of a beast, ok maybe that is harsh.... oh well. I highly recommend this recipe to anyone and everyone. They come out looking great and tasting great as well.  You also look like someone who knows that you're doing in the kitchen when you arrive with these ;)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's the little things

I think the best way to stay happy is to enjoy the little things in life.  The smell of fresh brewing coffee in the morning, the warmth of the summer sun on your skin, and the feeling you get when driving your car with the windows down. What is better than this?

I love when I get home from a long day and my cat, Maxwell, is so excited to see me.  (Truth is, I'm probably more excited to see him then he is to see me).  He does a big yawn when I walk in the front door and races over to me. If that isn't love I don't know what is <3

Hanging out with him is one of my favorite things

He always finds things he shouldn't be doing and does them. He's too cute to care though <3

I found him just hanging out like this the other day.  He is too much <3

Yesterday, I babysat, which always helps me to enjoy the little things.  Thinking like a child and playing with them is one of the best feelings.  It makes you careless and helps to de-stress. When was the last time you played with chalk outside?  I forgot what a brilliant concept this is! You get to play outside and be artistic. What more could someone want?

Life is beautiful

Pure happiness <3

Today, one of my best friends went for an ultra sound.  She found out the sex of her baby, which we've been eager beavers to find out.  I got the phone call and teared up with excitement and pure joy. This baby is so loved already.  I cannot wait to meet Addison Grace in a few months <3

It's a girl <3
I think it is very important to not get caught up in the mundane cycles we so commonly get stuck in.  It is so easy to do. It is even easier to just go through life without thinking about all the beautiful things around you. When was the last time you looked at the birds or smelled a flower just because?  When I feel myself getting caught up in the cycle I take time to appreciate the small things.  There is nothing better.

Take time out today to think about the little things you love in life.

Wish List

So many wants, so little money.  But no one can stop a girl from dreaming!

There are a few things that I am somewhat obsessed with right now and feel like I need.

This beautiful rose gold watch from fossil.  Who would not be able to pair this beauty with just about everything and anything.Oh how I love thee and have had my eye on you for months. I'm hoping that one day she will just hop on my wrist and never ever leave. Actually, there is a chance this is all I would wear. All day...everyday. Ok, just kidding, but I seriously ADORE it.

Also, not sure why I started thinking about this, but I would love a gold "Angela" or "Angie" necklace. You know, like the one Carrie Bradshaw wore.  She is definitely my inspiration. I feel like it would be a fun accessory to have and to use to make an outfit fun. It just screams "WEAR ME NOW" kthanksbye.

I was paging thru the Fossil catalog yesterday (do you see a trend with my obsession) and I came across this beautiful outfit!  It is so feminine and I think it is the perfect outfit to transition into the Fall with.

I did, however, splurge two days ago on a Fossil jacket that I have had my eye on.  I was going to buy it when it was full price, but I went into the store and saw that it was more than HALF off!  Needless to say, it was an easy sell.  And here is my new favorite jacket:
(When you look at this photo look past the mess and the odd white dots on my face)

Sometimes you just have to give in and get what you want <3  **Especially when it is on sale :-D

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wings and Things

This past weekend I promised Steven that I would take him to my new favorite place for wings.  He claims to be somewhat of a connoisseur, so I wanted to show him he knows nothing introduce him to a new place around me. Let me sell these wings to you... Wing are 1.) 30 cents each 2.) delicious. Did that work? Oh, and did I mention that you get a mug of Miller Lite beer for $1. Yup, pretty sure I was born to be in sales.

Most important part of the meal. No, I mean, I just ate the wings to quickly to photograph.

The boy


Needless to say, he enjoyed the wings and said they were delicious :) I was a little nervous he wouldn't approve since, well, he claims to know so much.  Luckily, he never forgets that as much as he knows...I always know more :-P Hope everyone had a happy Tuesday :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend for Two

This weekend Steven and I took our matching antique bikes out for a ride around the lake and on the boardwalk by my apartment. It was a gorgeous night to get out and feel the breeze as I whizzed by like a professional biker.... or so I envisioned myself. These babies were found on Craigslist and they were an awesome investment!


            The infamous bike with a flower picked for me

  Me "whizzing" by....

The bench with a view of the water where we rested briefly and took in the view as the sun went down

                             Bikes at the beach :)

It was such a wonderful time and the weather was perfect. I'm also obsessed with the instagram app for the Iphone, which is where the effects on the pictures comes from.  I cannot get enough of it.  All of the pictures I've taken recently have been edited with this.  So much love.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

First things First

Yesterday I was on the phone with my best friend, who I obsess over blogs with, and was asking her why we do not have blogs of our own.  It was then I decided to just do it, like Nike says, and start a blog! I'm excited and nervous because, well, I do not know the 'rules', but I guess that means I get to make my own. Perfect. Watch out people of the world.  

So, this morning my boyfriend and I were trying to think of blog names, which is a lot harder then one may think.  I decided it would be a good idea for us to discuss this over breakfast because empty tummies never lead to good decisions.  As you can see, the breakfast was successful.

Here are some pictures from breakfast:  

And that is how blogs are made!