Friday, December 9, 2011


Wow, time flies.  These pictures are from about TWO months ago and I'm just getting to posting them now.  After Megan's wedding, Amber and I ventured around Bellefonte to see what the town was made of.  The town is quaint and was just what we needed after a celebrating the night before. 
...after a night out the FIRST thing I want to do is eat. So, we went to this cute little cafe and got coffee and food. Essential. And why yes, funny you should mention it...Amber and I ARE wearing the same boots and skirt. No big deal. We do what we have to and act like it's ok :-D
We then got on a train and took some photos...
Acted like rebels and decided to walk the tracks...
Housed Elegantly ate cupcakes, since Amber is obsessed with trying new cupcake places.  These were delicious, by the way. 

It was the perfect day to just hang around and have best friend time.  I wish this happened more often, but distance is a bitch. If I'm being honest.


  1. haha the first thing i want to do EVERY morning is eat.

    ooh those cupcakes...

    thanks for your comment on my blog :) yes, i'm currently in school in a program for graphic design & photography. so far i've only done some minor freelancing & sold a few prints, hoping to do a lot more soon !

  2. Great photos :)

    I wanted to stay better "in touch" so following you now via bloglovin'. :) you didn't have your blog up there but any address can be followed.. so anytime you want to join it, you can claim the blog as yours :)

    xx indie by heart

  3. it's always a good day when there are cupcakes in the picture ;)

  4. ok please give me some of that cupcake =D

    Hi love =)

    TAGGGGGGG ♥ you are it
    go check out my blog
    =) Get in the Christmas spirit

    love ya
    ♥ melina

  5. even though these pictures are a little behind, they are simply adorable and just look like so much fun!!
    xo TJ

  6. What a wonderful day! And it's always fun to post things a while later and look back. :)

  7. what a cute little town! i love hanging out with my best friend we can do nothing or totally random things and it is still great and totally amazing either way just because she is my best friend. and those cupcakes look amazing, just saying

  8. Love these photos! They make me miss my bff. I've been living away from her for a year and we see each other maybe once a month. I love bff dates like these!
    Cute blog, just found it via Only A Flight Away.


  9. Oh how fun, it looks like you've been having a great time!

  10. and here i am trying everything to avoid dressing like my friends...hmmm.

    food after a night out is SO essential. i concur!

  11. You just happened to wear the same outfit.. now that is friendship.. the cupcakes look amazing.