Thursday, October 4, 2012


pun intended. 
Saturday was a beautiful day, so Steven and I decided to head to Asbury Park. Asbury is perfect because there is the beach, city-ish stuff and just a nice place to walk around. What else do you need on a beautiful day??
Side note: Steven and I plan on moving to Asbury Park within a year. :-D
Anyway, as we are walking around enjoy the beautiful weather there is a freakin' hail storm. 
(That needed reiteration)
This is what we looked like post-hail. 
Little wet. Little frazzled. Little disoriented. 
We kept our game faces on though. Probably cuz we were on a serious mission to get.shit.done.*
*Get shit done=drink caffeinated beverages and eat cake.


This is how we break this shit down. 
We came, we drank, we dried off.
Seriously though, this coffee shop, Twisted Tree Cafe, is the shit. They have all vegan/vegetarian options and the people who own it are nice-as-can-be. Guess if you're looking for me in the near future you can imagine where I'll be. 
After I was dragged out of the coffee shop against my will we walked down to the boardwalk and gazed at the ocean PLUS got to do some people watching. 
If you have a better afternoon, please explain. 
Cuz this was damn near perfect. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What makes a good day GREAT?

Apples and cheese plus UNO.  
Game time and snack time, people!
Oh...and the fact that I always win*. 
;) Steve sucks.
*minus one time..hence the name UNO, I guess. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

An apple a day

can't keep Ang away.
Steven and I had a fun filled day picking apples with Amy and her daughter Kaylie.  Ok, so... I love apple picking a little too much, I fully admit it, but I swear nothing compares to going on that adventure with a child. It was so fun.
Hearing her scream "I found one! Look another" seriously melted my heart.Darling.
We are kinda cute <3
This guy has a complete hold on my heart. 
I'm so lucky.
We had apples and tons of homemade desserts.
The homemade apple cider donuts are to kill for. 
I found some seriously good apples. Actually Immabout to eat one now. 
Chew on that.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Flower Garland

The other night I came home to this:
I seriously love my boyfriend. 
I talked about dreaming of being crafty here  and how I'm seriously jealous of Steven's abilities. 
He knows about my jealousy and tries to expand my creative side
(or just works hard for brownie point...either way I'll take it)
 Supplies were laid out along with easy instructions.
And I had a pretty cute teacher, if I say so myself.
Together we made beautiful flower garland to hang in OUR bathroom.