Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blast from the past: NYC

A few weekends ago Steven and I took a day trip into the city, New York city that is....
I wanted to start the trip off right by getting a little "over friendly"...
One of my bestest friends from Maine just HAPPENED to be in the city, so I made it a requirement to stop and see her for a few minutes. best.ever.

After that Steven showed me that he made a fortune-teller-thing out of paper (remember those from middle school) where I had to pick different numbers to determine what we were going to do for the day. Have I mentioned how amazing he is? If not, He is pretty amazing ;)
First stop was a lomography store in Greenwich Village...
...as you can tell I get impatient waiting for photos to be taken -___-
(note the camera I'm carrying around in all these photos-lomography)
We then used the timer app on my phone to take this baby.
*swear this was unplanned*
 Next we saw itty bitty puppies at le petit puppy.
They were adorable, but the place was as small as the puppies they sell, so we weren't there too long.
 Then, as we walking to an indoor market we saw something that almost made Steven pee his pants (note: Steven goes to school for architecture). So, apparently there is a park in NYC that is built on an old railroad track. It is pretty awesome, actually.  The park is called "The High Line".  Has anyone ever visited this before? If not, I highly suggest going on a nice day.  It's away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. I really loved it.
Finally we went for some hot dogs at this little place, Crif Dogs.  I was so hungry I was at the point of anger (this picture probably accurately represents how I was feeling...no smile, turned head (signifying agitation), and cold shoulder.  I said to Steven "Please do not talk to me because I will be rude/mean/whatever. So leave me alone until I eat". I know it sounds harsh, but I know myself. 
Added on to the hunger...we walked EVERYWHERE and did not take any public transportation because I'm cheap and I have two legs, so I believe walking is good. 
Regardless of my five minutes of crankiness, this was one of the best times I have ever had in the city.  I liked that I got away from all the "touristy" things and really saw New York City for what it is.  I actually appreciate the city a lot more than I used to. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Hearts and flowers and...

...doves and lovey things usually make me uncomfortable, but Steven always knows how to do something sweet without making me feel like it is too "Over the top", if you know what I mean.
(Steven and I are the couple you never feel like a 3rd wheel with)
We've also made it a tradition that he must ask me to be his Valentine each year (obviously its not just a given, ha)

I opened up the Sunday paper and flipped to the comics and this is what I found...
I said "yes" <3

PS: He says "huggies" cuz I despise that word
PPS: Maxwell gets jealous when Steven is around, hence his anger in the comic. haha.

Friday, January 27, 2012

And here they are...

Happy Friday!! Wooohooo!  I used a random number generator to pick the winner's of my giveaway...
and the winners are:
1. Ang of Football, Sushi and the Pursuit of Happiness (Makeup bag)
2. Maggie of This little Life of Mine (Mini purse/ cardholder)
3. Katie of Chestnut Mocha (passport holder)

Ladies, just shoot me an email with your address, so I can ship your items :) 

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend! 
I cannot wait to relax!!!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Alarm Clock

I think I can officially get rid of my alarm clock. 
I was awaken to a purring kitty laying on my head this week. 

Gosh I love him.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sunday Class

I now have a class on Sundays, eh. 
I arrived to an empty class and waited for it to fill up. 
To my delight (sarcasm) it is me and ONE other person in this class. 
this is going to be a long semester. 
It is a play therapy class, which I'm very excited for, so that is a plus.
I'll get to learn expressive techniques to use when working with children. 
 We were asked to make a collage of ourselves, me and the ONE other student. 
Can you tell I'm bitter about that, haha 
This was mine. I'm obviously the redhead up top. 

I had explanations for all of the words and why they mean what they mean to me, but I'll let you create your own story 
(it's probably more interesting)! 
There are two perks to having this class: 
1. I don't go from 6:30am-10pm on Thursdays now because I was able to drop my Thursday night class.
2. I get to play games and learn expressive techniques on Sunday mornings. 

Just looking at the positives ;)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Snow Day

Freakin' Finally. 
I figured I mine-as-well treat Saturday like a snow day and do nothing (or almost nothing).
 I started the day with some Maxwell time and coffee. Standard. 

Then Steven and I decided to blow up the air mattress and put it in the middle of the living room and make it an "island". Yes, an island. An island that we could not get off. Pretty awesome, I know. 
But then we couldn't find the air mattress pump (who misplaces an air mattress pump anyway?).
Plan B: Take all the blankets off my bed and make an island out of that. Success.

We* he went to redbox and got a few movies and we watched them ALL DAY LONG. 
*it wasn't we because I opened the front door and felt the cold air hit me and said it was all him. ;)

For lunch I made bean quesadillas, which were delish. 

Then after ample movie watching I started to go a little stir crazy, so Steven and I went to the library just to get out of the house for a little...
Yes, that is my free tote bag I got for signing up for the library. 
Pretty awesome. ;) 

For dinner I made the easiest recipe ever: chicken and dumplings in the crock pot. I was pleased by how 
seriously yummy it turned out
 Mmmm...and perfect for a cold and snowy day!

We then ate too much of this cinnamon roll cake I made on Friday night. It is sinful.
Every time I walked by I took another bite.  I ended up bringing the leftovers to Fossil on Sunday because I needed to get rid of it.

I seriously had one of the best weekends ever.  Sometimes doing nothing is better than doing something over the top.  It was just what I needed :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Inna Nutshell...

...I'm kind of a simple* person...
 ...I love coffee in the morning...
...and occasionally tea...
...I like snuggling in my sexy pajamas with my kitty...
...and having absolutely no boundaries while at barnes and noble...
...I sometimes drink too much and send Crystal picture messages...
it's what we do. not sure why, haha
 ...and sometimes when its a special day for you I'll dress up my cat to express my love for you...

But more than anything, I just try to live my life, smile, laugh, make friends 
and share my love for silly things.

*Title of blog.

Friday, January 20, 2012

I'd like to say thank you...

to all of my readers and to those of you who follow my blog. With that being said... I have a few things that I have to give away to a few lucky readers :)
I'm not doing this to get more followers, but just as a "thank you" to everyone...because the fact that you read my blog and comment and care about what I say makes me feel special.

So, with that being said...I'll be giving away these three items:
These three items are from my place of employment. They are:
1. Passport holder
2. Makeup-ish bag
3. Cute little card holder that can be used when you run out to the store...or whatever, haha
I'm a great salesperson, I know ;)

Anyway, to enter this giveaway, just leave a comment! You have to be a follower of my blog because I do not want to give anything away to just anyone!

This giveaway will be open until next Friday and winners will be posted shortly after :)

Ps: if you have instagram add me: angieang88

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Merry Merry

I'm not sure how almost a month has flown by since Christmas, but it has. I've failed to write anything about Christmas besides a small post I put up here.

I swear he is the cutest man in the world, that grandpa of mine <3

Exhausted after our food intake had finally come to an end. 

I got some really great things this Christmas and here are a few of them: 
 Scarf, orange pants, ring, and the most AMAZING gloves ever (RIP- they were left in Chicago)
 The most beautiful jewelry from brideblu
Check out Cat's shop if you've never seen in. I'm in love.
**I seriously JUMPED up and down when I opened these pieces up. Stunning.
 The most BEAUTIFUL and thoughtful gift I have ever received. Steven made me my OWN craft kit. He put this together all on his own. Can you believe it? I'm still amazed every time I look at it. He is so thoughtful and creative and truly knows me so well. I'm still in shock when I look at it <3 
Even Maxwell likes to play with it ;)
DRUM ROLL PLEASE... Uncle John LITERALLY could not wait for me up open this.  Yes, I do come from a strange family...funny you should ask. And YES this is a pillow with him sleeping on it that says "sweet dreams". 
I laughed so hard. 

Guess this post is better late than never ;)

New Years In Chicago

Crystal and I were hella excited to ring in 2012 in a city that was new to us.  We forgot to think about the fact that we were IN A CITY and that things cost a LOT.  Well, after wracking our brains with where to go...we finally stumbled upon a place that was perfect for us.  We got dressed up and went out to dance the night away. 
 Ready to go!

 Happy Ang
 Love her
After Crystal and I left the club we could not wait to get back and lay in our warm beds. Oh wait, I forgot...we had a 6am flight to catch. Probably not the smartest thing ever, oh well. 

We waited outside in the freezing cold with wind that blew so hard that a small child could have gone missing (or so my memory fondly recalls) for a bus, which never came.  We eventually hailed some town car that told us we could "pay whatever we wanted". A little sketchy, yes, BUT I couldn't feel a single part of my body. 

I'm proud to say that Crystal and I not only got to the airport on time, but that we were early. Check it.