Friday, September 2, 2011

Text Request

My mom sent me a text today that said "Iwantagchildgetbusy". Obv she doesn't not know how to space, or spell for that matter. I read it numerous times attempting to decipher this message thinking maybe it was a code of some sort. With a lot of thought, I figured maybe she wanted an "ah child", so I considered not showering or putting make up on for a few days and sending pictures her way. When she got the picture she would scream "ah! Is that my child." Then i considered maybe she wasn't happy with where I was in my life and she wanted a "good child". With that I was going to send her a picture of my middle finger ;)

Nope, none of the above are accurate. My mother was not only requesting a grandchild, but also requesting me to "get busy". perfect.

Guess my weekend will be more eventful then previously anticipated.

Happy Friday


  1. That's hilarious! My mom never texts, she calls, mostly to yell at me for not cleaning my room, haha xoxoxoo

  2. Haha teach your mom how to text and let me know the results :-D