Thursday, September 8, 2011

Color me

(Top left is Sally Hanson nail stickers and the rest are from Five Below)

      In the past, I used to only paint my nails pink OR keep them without polish. Toes and fingernails were both confined to this limited spectrum.  Eventually I stepped outside of the box and starting using red. I KNOW...I'm quite crazy. If you think that is crazy, then you'll think I've gone mad by tell you that I now I have added many other pigments on the color wheel to my nails.
      Along with new colors, I've also been obsessed with adding a sticker to one of my nails lately. It adds a little bit of spice without being too much or overwhelming. Its like a cupcake opposed to a whole cake...a perfect portion, if you will (Unless you're like me and the whole cake would do just fine). Have you ever used these stickers?  Sally Hansen makes them, but I have found that Five Below also carries them! (which has been my saving grace for this mini infatuation, since they charge $3 for a package instead of $10! BING!)

And here are my current nails

Do you have a 'special' way of doing your nails? How do you prefer to keep them? Short, long, painted, plain?  Any tips from those of you who love color?  


  1. love the mint nails with the one leopard print!

  2. Ok, so I haven't tried the whole "doing one nail different" trend, but I think it seriously looks so cute! And I love those Sally Hansen stickers, I need to give them a try ASAP! Just found your blog and am following you now :)

  3. Hello Angela! Thanks so much for your super sweet comments on my blog. And I'm loving this nail look it's absolutely adorable. I've been wanting to try this for quiet some time now. Hope your weekend is a fantastic one. ♥ veronika

  4. Whoa I love the hot pink with leopard! Spicy dudette. I'm going to have to step up the nail decor!

  5. Hummm, I wonder who taught you that ring finger trick with the five below sickies? :)