Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Imma Machine...

...or so I feel like one when I get on my old school folding bike.  

^ Steven and I took a multi-mile bike ride to Asbury Park (can you tell I love Asbury Park) and stopped at numerous adventure points along the way.We rode down Ocean Avenue and stopped at an abandoned beach spot.  I was going to walk past the "do not enter sign" to show what a troublemaker I am, but then I envisioned myself crashing through a board on the pier and no one saving me because of my ignorance. So, I decided a picture wasn't worth a 1,000 stitches.

Also on our little adventure-ish-thing we 1. saw sidewalks ripped up from the hurricane.  2.road our bikes on the Asbury Park boardwalk. The feeling of this is indescribable to me. 3. rode around Ocean Grove, which is a quaint little town next to Asbury park.  The old houses are phenomenal. It's really something to see. 4. went on a little island (as pictured) and had a few snacks to refuel before the grueling trip back.  Sometimes I forget that as far as I ride I have to go that far back.

I'm proud to admit that I no longer have adverse feelings towards bike riding.  As a child I would cry at the thought of it. With much thought and a reattempt a few years ago, I have grown to love bike riding. 

Have you ever tried something you had previous ill feelings about?  If so, how did it turn out?


  1. Lovely pics, niceee post we likt ittt

    x Hajar & Mounia

  2. I've always loved bike riding as a kid! But I think now I'm sort of frightened of it. I need to try that again. I just dislike riding next to cars!

    The photo of the pier is absolutely beautiful!

    I'm participating in the Package Pals 2011 too!

  3. After years of avoiding it my best friend got me hooked on running! I was the girl who always too the elevator, did whatever I could to prevent even a hit of sweat on my brow and now I'm training for a 5K!

  4. haha! for some reason this post reminded me of a trip to china back in 2008 when we took an epic bike ride into a little hidden village. it ended with us jumping off a broken stone bridge and one of the girls having a massively sprained toe. oy to crazy bike rides!

    thanks so much for stopping by our little bloggity blog! i hope you come and stay a while!


  5. Love the pictures!! Sounds like a beautiful and adventurous bike ride! :) That's so awesome you and Steven go on bike rides together!

  6. I love those pics! It sounds amazing! I definitely agree that you can get carried away with the distance and the way back is not nearly as fun :)

    Happy Thursday! XOXO

  7. great pictures! I love little adventures around town like that, how magical :) And you went to the actual Ocean Avenue, like in the Yellowcard song?! awesome!

    The House of Shoes

  8. i need to get into bike riding. looks like so much fun! and the pictures are awesome.

    glad you spared yourself the stitches. ;)