Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mark and Rebecca's Wedding

Hurricane Irene slid up the East Coast yesterday.  Although the town I live in may be in shambles; a wedding of two friends could not be stopped. I honestly thought it was pretty cool to have your wedding during a hurricane.  This could be because I was not the bride, but how many people can say that has happened to them and they took it in stride? I mean, there is really nothing you can do, so mine-as-well go with the punches. I just think about telling my grandchildren "Your grandfather and I loved each other so much that we did not even let a hurricane stop us from getting married".  I mean, I'm sure I'd also add extra dramatic features to the story like most elderly people do, but you catch my drift.

The wedding, in my opinion, was absolutely beautiful.  The hurricane gave an extra reason to celebrate. A wedding and a hurricane...count me in (since i'm nuts)!

The reception

We claimed this as our "spot" as soon as we entered. Open bar from 5-10= intoxicated friends :)

My date :)
Strawberry soup, hm...

My dance partner who literally picked me up NUMEROUS times on the dance floor. 
I'm glad to say that I made it out alive and barely scarred....

One drink, two drinks, three floor ;)

We had a great night! We danced almost as much as we drank ;) We ended up getting home around 10:30 and went out to after parties went RIGHT to sleep.  Haha guess we're older than we look ;) 

Hope everyone was safe during the bad weather. It is crazy how in the last week I endured a flash flood, earthquake and hurricane.  What's next? How did you spend your time with Irene?


  1. girl your hair is flippin' GORGEOUS!!!! and open i'm jealous.

    btw was the drink of the night a hurricane? if not, it should've been ;)

  2. Thank you! It was a great time :)

    I tried to hope for the best and made my drink of choice a Malibu bay breeze :-P haha