Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Asbury Park

One of my favorite places to go to around my apartment is Asbury Park.  It is an awesome little city that has really cool people.  I have been dying to go to a place called Silver Ball Museum that is an arcade with tons of vintage pinball machines and other arcade games.  Since Asbury Park is only about 5 miles away, Steven and I decided to ride our bikes there.  It was a little ambitious, however since I'm getting over a terrible cold. Almost as soon as we left I made it clear that there was no way I could ride all the way there.

Before we turned around we found some damage that Hurricane Irene was responsible for.  

There is Steven standing next to a humongous tree that was ripped right out of the ground

There's a view of the lake and our bikes that we adore.  Look close, you can see the road that is closed due to the ground that pulled right up.

This was my attempt at using the camera timer app I just download for my phone

After this we turned around so we could drive to Asbury Park.  I could not wait to play pinball!! (Yes, I am that dorky)

Although pinball was fun, I have to admit that the classic Frogger game scooped up a majority of my time.  I was engulfed in it as soon as Steve showed it to me.  I believe I played this when I was younger, which could be some reason for my fascination.  If this place had Donkey Kong and Mario Brothers I would purchased an all day pass and played the night away :-D


  1. Hi Angela! Looks like a fun bike trip! The tree that ripped right out of the ground is insane! I've sent you the newsletter to your email address and I hope you like it! Can you please send me an email with your address? So that I can send your surprise gift? Only if you're comfortable with it of course :-) xoxoxoxoo

  2. Word to DK and Mario Bros! Those were the days...;) It looks like you had a fun adventure! Your bike is soo cute!

  3. aww sad that tree fell down but it does make for an awesome picture.
    Did you guys have much damage around from Irene?
    arcades are cool! especially taken as a vintage photo don't you think?
    And you have great hair. thanks for sharing your adventure.

  4. The tree down was crazy! I felt so small. Thank you, I love our matching bikes. I thought they were a little dorky, but I accepted it cuz well, it's fitting haha

    The damage from Irene wasn't as bad as anticipated. An apartment complex near my apartment had it's roof torn off and some areas had bad flooding, but not nearly as bad as they thought!

    Yes, I love the iPhone app instagram :)

    Thank you for the compliment on my hair :)

  5. Thanks for the comments on my blog, ladies! It makes my day :)