Monday, September 5, 2011

Adventure to Wildwood New Jersey

The lady I babysit for has been in the hospital for the past month.  There was a chance she had stomach cancer, but it turned out to be two very large ulcers in her stomach, which were removed. Thank gosh.

She invited Steven and I to go to Wildwood with her on her annual family trip.  She takes her two children, Jack and Sophie, to Wildwood every year.  I was excited to go, since she has raved about how much they love Wildwood , but nervous because I knew it would not be completely relaxing.  Since she has been in the hospital for about a month I knew she would be weak and would need my help with the children more than she led on.  I accepted with delight (who does not want an almost free vacation anyway?).  I did, however, warn Steven that the children can be somewhat, well...misbehaved. That is putting it lightly.

When he first met the children he said to me "I do not know what you're talking about. They are so sweet. This is going to be so much fun"

After two days of screaming children who hit, talked back, whined, and were just plain mean, Steven said to me "I do not know how you do it."  **The little girl not only hit Steven, but she also bit him more than a handful of times, ouch!

Don't get me wrong, they can be super sweet, fun, and funny, but when they are bad....they are really bad.

Overall it was a great trip.  We rode bikes on the boardwalk, laid by the pool, went on rides, went to the water park, and ate food that is terrible for you.  Which is my idea of a good time :)

Riding the Carousel 

Roller Coaster

I think I now need a vacation from my "vacation", though ;) 


  1. Kids will always be kids :-). Sounds like you had a great time though! xoxoxoo