Monday, September 12, 2011

New Beginnings. Meow.

A little over a year ago I began a lot of news.  Not like on the news or in the news or making the news...I'm not that interesting. What I mean is: I began a lot of things that were firsts for me.  I moved to a new city, started a new school (for my Graduate degree), I got my first apartment by myself, and did not know a sole for miles and miles.  I was excited for my new adventure, but very nervous as well.

       A year later, I look back on how fast time has flown by and how so many things have changed.  I now love my new town, feel like a pro in my Master's program, adore living by myself, and have an abundance of new friends.  Life is great.

       I can honestly say that the best 'new' that has happened in the past year is the little guy picture above, Maxwell. I know, it might sound silly because I've done a few notable things, but what can I say...he just tugs at my heart strings.

       I debated long and hard about getting a pet. I was unsure if I could be attentive enough or if my next place would allow kitties.  After much dispute I received this picture message from Steven:

Need I say more? Steven knew I was debating getting a cat for a while and when he went with his friend to pick up his new cat he found Maxwell.  I specifically said that I wanted a cat because everyone wants kittens and I wanted to get an animal that was less likely to be adopted.  Turns out that not many people want a one eyed kitten, weird- I know.  But to me, he is perfect.  After we adopted him he got his surgery and has been the tick to my ticker ever since.

I guess you can say I'm the lucky one <3


  1. You're such a great person and your cat is happy he found you!

  2. i am not a cat person but that first picture with the little patch makes me want one. pets can be the best and loyal friends.


  3. Aww! Your kitty is absolutely adorable!
    It's funny how the scariest things in life usually turn out to be the most worthwhile.
    So glad you're loving life! Have a great week!

  4. I like your Blog! I'm following! I hope your visit! Have a wonderful Day!


  5. Adopting is such an admirable thing to do ... what a sweet meow-meow :) xx Cat

  6. omg - i love his little eye patch! how cute is he??