Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sunday Class

I now have a class on Sundays, eh. 
I arrived to an empty class and waited for it to fill up. 
To my delight (sarcasm) it is me and ONE other person in this class. 
this is going to be a long semester. 
It is a play therapy class, which I'm very excited for, so that is a plus.
I'll get to learn expressive techniques to use when working with children. 
 We were asked to make a collage of ourselves, me and the ONE other student. 
Can you tell I'm bitter about that, haha 
This was mine. I'm obviously the redhead up top. 

I had explanations for all of the words and why they mean what they mean to me, but I'll let you create your own story 
(it's probably more interesting)! 
There are two perks to having this class: 
1. I don't go from 6:30am-10pm on Thursdays now because I was able to drop my Thursday night class.
2. I get to play games and learn expressive techniques on Sunday mornings. 

Just looking at the positives ;)


  1. I didn't even know Sunday classes existed!

  2. Is the other person in the class fun, neat, awesome or none of the above? Maybe you can make friends and make it something you enjoy over something you're bitter about?

  3. Anyone in Utah would frown on a Sunday class...but ME! I support it! Sounds like fun!!!

  4. also if you think about it .. you are up early
    to go to class and then you enjoy the entire day.
    I don't have a reason to wake up early on Sundays
    so i sleep in and my day is completely ruined :)

    good luck with the class gorgeous!

    Melina ♥

  5. OH WOW!
    Your day was 6:30-10 on Thursday??
    I've been complaining because i have classes from 8-4:45... hahah Well, now I won't :)

    I don't even think my school provides Sunday classes. Well.. maybe you and that ONE other person will bond a lot quicker :) I guess you'll be forced to right? haha

    Good luck this semester!