Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011- A Review

I can't believe one year has FLOWN by...and thinking back I can barely remember what has happened. Hopefully as I wrack my brain going through the months I remember some things...


I rang in the new year at the local casino with great friends. Amber came to visit from Maryland after her trip from Whales, mind you, she did not even have her luggage yet ;) 

Alyssa and I took our first trip to Maine to visit Katie!

Went snowshoeing in Maine 


Steven asked me ever-so sweetly to be his Valentine by making magnets of him and I (with Maxwell, of course) and his had a little saying bubble that said "Will you be my Valentine". I chose the "Yes" magnet to put next to mine after I saw it on my fridge <3

Amber came to visit me for a WHOLE week and we went to Boston to visit Katie for the weekend. 
We went out for Mardi Gras too <3 

Included a trip to Boston, Ashley visiting me, and celebrating Katie's birthday


Steven and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary <3


Celebrated my 23rd year of life with some of my best friends!

My friend Nadean and Dan got married

Started this blog, woot woot! 

Amber visited. Lost my bathing suit at the beach. I am not kidding. Completely off. 
Took another Boston Trip....
Attended another wedding of two friends, Mark and Rebecca

Started my second year of graduate school
Went apple picking for the first time!!

Celebrated love by attending TWO weddings
 PLUS a wedding party for a friend who got married in Jamaica 
Taught Maxwell how to play fetch

I participated in package pals
Katie AND Ashley visited me (yayyyyy)
Attended my last wedding of 2011 

Made rock candy while babysitting
Wrapped presents with Maxwell
Made homemade pizza with my Aunts
Celebrated the holidays with family
Went to Chicago

Well, this was hard.  It was awesome to reflect on all I've done. 

I'm glad I have this blog to look back on and share my experiences with.  Next year this should be a "piece of cake" 
Welcome to 2012, blog :) 


  1. amazing year you had :D
    i hope 2012 gets even better!

    happy new years love


  2. that is the cutest way to ask someone to be their Valentine ever.

  3. welcome to 2012! Happy new year - to you and the blog ;)

  4. LOVE all the memories :)
    p.s. BARCELONA!? (swoon!!!) did you know i lived in spain for 3 months of my senior year in college and taught!? it was magical!!! <3
    p.s.s. you are the best mama to a kitty i have ever met... just say'n!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! oh, and guess what!? I have my OWN BLOG BUTTON!!!!!! Whooooo Hoooooo!

  5. What an eventful year ! I just remembered to watch this post, and how pheoow how many photos were here! :) So lovely post. I'm slightly jealous of how much memories you've gathered along the year, at some very good times with friend & family I didn't have camera !

    Thank you so much for your comment. I do my nails very rarely.. When the base colour is dry, I made these little stars by adding spots of white colour, and used needle to draw lines from center. maybe 5 or so in total. Tadaa :)

    xx Satu
    Indie by Heart