Monday, January 9, 2012

C-H-I-C-A-G-O Fashionista

...or something

Early morning trip to Dunkin Donuts for my coffee fix.  I bundled up and walked to surprise Crystal with "wake up" coffee. 
This is the squirrel dress I bought at a thrift store. It is very special because I have so much HATE in my heart for squirrels. I'd like to believe this is a step in the 'right' direction to at least accepting these creatures.
My new $10 orange pants. This is my attempt at "rocking" them. 

I've added a few new colors into my wardrobe. I'm psyched. Yup, I just said psyched. 


  1. LOVIN' the squirrel dress... squirrels are not welcome on my deck... they break my birdfeeders and hog all the food - NAUGHTY LITTLE BUGGERS!
    ADOOOOOORE the orange pants! Way to RoCk them *****
    a little splash of color in the closet can put a smile on your face in the morning!!!! :)
    happy monday sweetpea!
    ** me **

  2. those pants are AWESOME.

    and that's such a cute scarf!

  3. YOU look darling, really!!! that scarf, I gotta ask, where did you find it?! Liking getting reaquainted with your blog!

  4. Haha that's too funny...what an awesome dress :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. I'm hooked! Tell me more about this squirrel hatred. I feel it's a story that needs to be told :)