Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Years In Chicago

Crystal and I were hella excited to ring in 2012 in a city that was new to us.  We forgot to think about the fact that we were IN A CITY and that things cost a LOT.  Well, after wracking our brains with where to go...we finally stumbled upon a place that was perfect for us.  We got dressed up and went out to dance the night away. 
 Ready to go!

 Happy Ang
 Love her
After Crystal and I left the club we could not wait to get back and lay in our warm beds. Oh wait, I forgot...we had a 6am flight to catch. Probably not the smartest thing ever, oh well. 

We waited outside in the freezing cold with wind that blew so hard that a small child could have gone missing (or so my memory fondly recalls) for a bus, which never came.  We eventually hailed some town car that told us we could "pay whatever we wanted". A little sketchy, yes, BUT I couldn't feel a single part of my body. 

I'm proud to say that Crystal and I not only got to the airport on time, but that we were early. Check it. 


  1. Oh no! This means no more bloggies about Chicago?! sad face. I've loved them - matter of fact, I'm typing up a blog right now that mentions you and your trip, so look for it soon.

  2. ok .. this is my second comment
    first one got deleted aghh -____-

    you look gorgeous!
    and i am loving that black dress
    and ofcourse .. that hair that i will steal
    one of this days!


    talking about 6 am ... we come back from Vegas
    Jan 30 @ 6am and go straight to work ... FML right? yeah .... and work til 5pm .. FML a little more .... i hope i am still not drunk hahahaha

    Melina ♥