Thursday, January 19, 2012

Merry Merry

I'm not sure how almost a month has flown by since Christmas, but it has. I've failed to write anything about Christmas besides a small post I put up here.

I swear he is the cutest man in the world, that grandpa of mine <3

Exhausted after our food intake had finally come to an end. 

I got some really great things this Christmas and here are a few of them: 
 Scarf, orange pants, ring, and the most AMAZING gloves ever (RIP- they were left in Chicago)
 The most beautiful jewelry from brideblu
Check out Cat's shop if you've never seen in. I'm in love.
**I seriously JUMPED up and down when I opened these pieces up. Stunning.
 The most BEAUTIFUL and thoughtful gift I have ever received. Steven made me my OWN craft kit. He put this together all on his own. Can you believe it? I'm still amazed every time I look at it. He is so thoughtful and creative and truly knows me so well. I'm still in shock when I look at it <3 
Even Maxwell likes to play with it ;)
DRUM ROLL PLEASE... Uncle John LITERALLY could not wait for me up open this.  Yes, I do come from a strange family...funny you should ask. And YES this is a pillow with him sleeping on it that says "sweet dreams". 
I laughed so hard. 

Guess this post is better late than never ;)


  1. haha thats pretty funny the pillow!

  2. the pillow is hilarious. And every time I see a picture of you I think you're really really pretty!

  3. bahahahahahahahaha that pillow!
    hahaha omg i am still laughing
    how cool is that ..very unique
    i bet you smile every time you see it!

    :) you got amazing gifts love
    now you made me realize i never posted mines up lol

    oh well!

  4. ok... where the heck have i been and how the stink did i miss the pillowcase!!!!!????? FREEKING hilarious! :) you are too darling!
    Christmas RoCkS... the end.
    lots of love to YOu,