Monday, January 30, 2012

Hearts and flowers and...

...doves and lovey things usually make me uncomfortable, but Steven always knows how to do something sweet without making me feel like it is too "Over the top", if you know what I mean.
(Steven and I are the couple you never feel like a 3rd wheel with)
We've also made it a tradition that he must ask me to be his Valentine each year (obviously its not just a given, ha)

I opened up the Sunday paper and flipped to the comics and this is what I found...
I said "yes" <3

PS: He says "huggies" cuz I despise that word
PPS: Maxwell gets jealous when Steven is around, hence his anger in the comic. haha.


  1. naaaaaaaaaawwwwww that is so so so cute! and the fact that he is thinking about valentines day already is even cuter... he is a keeper fo sho =)

  2. OK.... THIS has got to be the CUUUUTEST THANG in the whole entire universe!!!! I mean... REALLY! What a sweetie!!!!! :) Definatley a Keeper!
    <3 <3 <3

  3. That is totally adorable, what a guy!!! :)

  4. That's adorable :)I'm not into the hearts and flowers either. But this is really cute!

    And to answer your question; I didn't know anything about the Hunger Games before I started reading it. I had heard people mention it so many times I had to pick it up.

  5. seriously thats the cutest thing on earth!
    how original is that ... i love the cartoon
    and how jealous maxwell is ! haha .. now i have
    my own drawing of your dear car ♥ haha i love
    that card you made