Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I made a pact, of some sort, to myself that I would not start blogging again until I was able to fly a kite with ease and some kind of poise*...
I started off at the beach bright and early. You know to get the "feeling" right. 
The "right feeling" could be described as wind, ocean, 
sunrise, bare feet. (you catch my drift)
You could say I ACED this portion of the experience. 
(See above photo if you're confused by this)
I then assured myself that a beautiful picture of a kite would help to increase the kite flying experience. 
You know, it just helps with the process...
This, my friends, is a pretty accurate portrayal of how high I got this kite in the air. I was catching some serious air...(hmph)
My dreams of flying a kite have been crushed. 
You can say I worked hard and gave it all I had, but honestly I failed. 
Failed failed failed. 
Gosh, I suck. Does anyone have ANY kind of secret to flying a freakin' kite?
I tried running, standing still, smiling and even pouting, but nothing seemed to help. 
It was fun, but if I said I had any sort of poise or did this with ease I'd be lying.  I'm actually pretty certain people were looking on at me in pity.
I guess my kite flying days have come to an end, but my blogging hasn't. 
I'm happy to be back (for realz). Miss you all!!! 
*Sooooo I didn't REALLY make a promise about first flying a kite to continue blogging, but I figured it would help to explain why I haven't been around ;) 


  1. I am very happy you're back. And now, all is right with the world. :] I look forward to more posts!

  2. So glad you're back my love :)

    Ohhhhh my goodness I have missed you!!! I am SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK!!!
    I love ya!
    Seeing that you commented on my blog on my lunch break made my diggity dog day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR REALZ!