Friday, September 7, 2012

Out with the old and in with the new

That is how the saying goes right? Well, if not I followed it anyway.  
Since Steven is moving in, like I mentioned here, we decided to de-clutter to make more room for him. 

Although I don't have before and afters (because I'm way too impulsive to think of that) I do have what it looks like now.
In the kitchen I added spices in these little jars and we put an old post card of Long Branch (where I live) in this frame.
Microwave cart + simplicity= happiness.
(simple math)
The picture in the heart is from Prom, craziness. 
And a newly decorated place to rest our heads.
Note Maxwell in the window enjoying the little things in life. 
Man, must be nice being a cat.


  1. I am going to move in too, this place looks too comfy.

  2. Absolutely ADORABLE!!! :) The simplicity and beauty are so inviting!
    So excited as you embark on a new adventure with your love! :)

  3. Nice! The bedroom looks so comfy :) I also like how you displayed the spices, cool idea.

  4. the bedroom looks so light and happy! great job on the new design :-)