Friday, April 13, 2012

Squirrel Dress

I brought the squirrel dress to New Orleans. If you know me you know that I loathe squirrels, so this dress is 1 part humorous and 1 part momentous for me. 
Steven and I at our cooking class: Speaking of momentous... you'll probably never see me with 1. my hair up again (minus later in this post) and 2. with my bangs up.  The humidity was too much my friends, so drastic times called for drastic measures to be taken. 
 Ready for some grub
 Sort of reminds me of the wizard of oz...anyone see it?

Owning this squirrel dress.
One step closer to not hating these little creatures, one step closer. 


  1. cute pictures.. i think the squirrel dress is verfy cute

  2. ok... thoughts:
    1. squirrel dress = pure genius! my dad despises squirrels and shoots them with b.b. guns! shot one on Christmas Day morning... not. even. kidding.
    2. my mom was at a wedding in New Orleans in AUGUST - it was about 200 degrees - 100% humidity and she said she'll never be the same. I believe it!
    3. We're off to see the Wizard.. the wonderful Wizard of Oz.. because because because because because!!!
    4. you rock.