Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Little wine never hurt anyone

The place we were staying at recommended a bunch of local places to check out while we were in New Orleans.  Bacchanal was one of them. It is this adorable little wine loft with small plates of food and'd ya know ;) 
 There's outdoor seating that feels like you're in someone's backyard. 
So, I got a bottle of wine and was not to keen on it. I decided to bring the rest of the bottle home as a "just-in-case" I wanted to give it another whirl. I also wanted to take advantage of the liquor laws in New Orleans, which allow you to have open containers of alcohol in public. 
Anyway, I popped that baby in my bottle holder on my bike and left for the place we were staying. 
 As I'm riding along and feeling the breeze run through my hair I realize I'm about to go over railroad tracks. As I'm going over the wine flies out and get all over my I react with a "MY PANTS" and then swiftly move my handle bars in an attempt to stop the red wine from spilling more and my tire gets stuck in the train track. And like humpty dumpty...I had a great fall my friends. 
What do I mean by great fall? I mean I fall so hard that someone runs out of their house yelling "ARE YOU OK?! DO YOU NEED HELP" I reply "My new pants." to myself then yell back "I'm fine. Just embarrassed". Oh...and as I was laying on the train tracks wishing I would die Steve hits me with his bike. hahahaha. A day in the life. A day in the life. 
If you get anything from this post, get that this (see picture above) is a bad idea. 
I'm finally getting over my bruises, but my ankle is still in pain. 
Being a klutz at least yields interesting stories ;) 


  1. Oh.
    My poor, sweet girl! :) But, oh how this made me chuckle!
    Take care of your bruises sweetie pea!
    Hope you had a splendid Easter!!!!

  2. Oh no it sounds like such a lovely night til your poor pants! This will be one of those stories though that you look back on and laugh really hard at.

    xx Missy

    P.S. I'm holding a giveaway currently!