Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happiness Captured

I'd like to start out by saying I'm sorry I've been MIA lately. There have been some family issues going on, so my time has been limited. 

On a lighter note: I went through my phone and found some things that made me smile lately (that have been captured in a photograph.) 

1. Maxwell sound asleep on our voyage from Pennsylvania back to New Jersey. (He is a good traveler)
2. A second grader said "You look pretty today" to me at my internship.  This is me trying to be pretty. *blowing up my cheeks*
3. At Walmart they had the cases of soda arranged to read "Happy Halloween" with a ghost. Pretty awesome, huh?
4. Seeing my best friend this weekend. **Post to come on this**

5. Coming home to find my cat laying in the window waiting to see me...don't let his blank unhappy stare mislead you. He is exhilarated. :-D
6 and 7.  Attempting to make origami flowers while babysitting and having it fail so horribly that I made a sail boat.  The happy part of this is that the little boy I babysit for said "awesome" when I was done. Because obviously he could have snubbed his nose at me ;)

What is making you happy this Wednesday? I'd love to hear!


  1. hope all is well with your family!

  2. aww i saw the soda thingy too
    at Albertsons market :)

    it looks really cute!

    I am glad you are back!
    hopefully you get a little bit of free time :)

    happy hump day love


  3. Love the pictures. I'm sorry things are rough. I hope they get better soon!

  4. Hope everything starts to get better, love the pic of you and your friend. It looks like the two of you were having a good time.

    xo erica

  5. As always I am loving your photos! They always make me smile! I hope that your family stuff starts to get better :(

    But... maybe a little pick me up?!?!?... I wanted to let you know that I passed along the Kreativ Blogger Award to you! My post is going up tomorrow so be sure to check it out and pass it along!


  6. that walmart soda can display is quite impressive! i'm in awe...i truly am.

    btw you look pretty puff your cheeks and have a good night! ;)

  7. that walmart display is awesome!! there is nothing better than coming home to a cat waiting for you... I should post a photo of what my cat looks like when i walk through the door everyday!

    glad you posted about the positive amidst some not so positive stuff! Keep that frame of mind forever!
    hope the family stuff settles down soon!

  8. Cute! I love when I find my cat waiting for me in the window :) It always brings a smile to my face.